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Research stories

Can we take the pain out of blood donation?

We conducted two trials to test the pain numbing device in the blood donation setting.
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Solving rare blood type mysteries

We use leading edge genetic techniques to explore beyond A, B and O.
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Frozen blood research

We developed frozen blood products to help Australian soldiers in the field.
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Caring for donors

Improving the donation experience and keeping our donors happy and healthy.
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Better management of the O Negative blood supply

Tracking usage of our products to guide decision makers.
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Disease in the dust

Every year in Australia over 300 people are reported as suffering from a debilitating disease.
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How mechanical engineers see red blood cells

Collaborating across disciplines for new insights into red blood cells.
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Rethinking platelet storage

Extending the storage lifetime of one of our most delicate products.
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The blood type you didn't know you had

The story of a previously unknown blood type shared by over 90 percent of the population.
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Latest study updates

Find out more about our latest research activities.
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