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Defence Blood Challenge

The Defence Blood Challenge has now finished for 2017. Thank you to all of the generous people who gave blood during the challenge. Over 3 months, Defence personnel across the country gave a total of 7,351 donations, saving up to 22,053 lives!

Overall, donations grew 5% on 2016’s challenge results! It just goes to show, a little healthy competition goes a long way!

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2017, Key Awards Categories

Highest Total Donations
Awarded to Total Donations Lives Saved
Army 2,698 8,094


Highest Donations versus Service Numbers
Awarded to Total Donations Percentage
Air Force 1,197 13.5%


Highest Year on Year Growth
Awarded to 2017 Donations 2016 Donations Percentage
Navy 1,537 1,419 8.3%


Highest New Donors
Awarded to New Donors
Army 138


Thank You for Defending Australia’s Blood Supply!

The challenge is over, but the need remains…
Although it’s fun to have a short competition, the need for blood is year-round.
As a Red25 member, you can donate any time of the year and your donation will count towards your Red25 group’s annual tally. On behalf of all those who your donations help, thank you.


Challenge Results – All Participants
Red25 Group Donations Lives Saved
Army 2,698 8,094
Air Force (RAAF) 1,917 5,751
Navy 1,537 4,611
Defence Public Servants (APS) 853 2,559
ASC Pty Ltd 168 504
Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group) 105 315
Defence Force Recruiting 43 129
Defence Housing Australia (DHA) 14 42
Defence Contractors 11 33
Defence Health 3 9
Defence Community Organisation 2 6



*All 2017 donations are available to view on the Red25 Group Results page, where you can define date parameters and filter by division.

Planning is underway for the next Defence Blood Challenge, which will begin Saturday 1, December and conclude Saturday 8, December 2018 .

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