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Defence Blood Challenge

For the incredible tenth year, Army, Navy, Air Force and Defence Public Servants across Australia are competing to give the most blood donations in the Red25 Defence Blood Challenge!

Over the past nine years, the Defence Challenge has contributed 101,803 donations. That’s an amazing 305,409 lives saved.

To make this year the most memorable yet, we need your help. If you’ve never donated, make this your year.

Blood donations help people with cancer, childbirth complications and many other serious medical conditions. 

Challenge titles up for grabs this year include most donations, the highest percentage of donors versus service members, highest number of new donors and highest donation growth.

Help us prove again we’re the leading defenders of Australia’s blood supply. 

How to get involved

  1. Register. If you don’t already have one, register an account. You don’t need to be a blood donor to register. 
  2. Join your group to have your donations added to your Red25 group’s tally. You can do this by logging in and going to: My details > Manage Details > Update my Preferences.
  3. Give blood between 1 September and 8 December.

For more information

To arrange a group donation, access challenge resources or for any further information, please contact the Red25 team online or by calling 1300 886 524.


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