Our name has changed. Because more lives depend on us.

We’re more than blood. We’re Lifeblood. Our new name reflects all the different ways we support Australian lives — through blood, organ matching, tissue typing, donated breast milk and more.


What does that mean for you?

Your Red25 group is now a Lifeblood Team.

Teams pull together for the common good. You share, you achieve, and you celebrate — together. Whether you’re corporate or community, many or few, close together or spread across the country, you can still be a team.

Lifeblood Teams is a way for friends, colleagues, teammates and communities to band together and give blood.


Ready to start shouting about it?

Use the tools below to save your voice.

If you’ve got anything up that says ‘Red25’ on it, you’ll need to take it down and replace it with something new.

We made these just for you:

Intranet copy/newsletter article

Intranet banner

Social media tile

Social media supporting text


Together, we’re Australia’s Lifeblood. Learn more or call 1300 886 524.

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