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Appeal for donors to secure the nation's blood supply amid fires and floods

Thursday 29th Nov 2018


Adverse weather conditions in New South Wales and Queensland have impacted blood collections – leading to an appeal for people of all blood types to donate blood across the country.

The Australian Red Cross Lifeblood says donor attendance and blood collection services in Sydney have been severely affected, with mobile Lifeblood off the road and up to 50 per cent of donors understandably cancelling their appointments.

Most at risk are cancer and trauma patients due to dependency on short-lived blood products such as platelets, which have a shelf life of only five days.

Lifeblood spokesperson Cath Stone said the fires in Queensland and storms in New South Wales were preventing donors from attending their donation appointments.

She said the organisation was taking steps to ensure the blood supply for the nation stays where it is needed over the coming days.

“These two states make up over half (52 per cent) the nation’s blood donations.

“We are looking for additional donors over the next few days, as many of our regular donors in these states are dealing with the impacts of these floods and fires.

"Our first priority is our donors’ safety and well-being, which is why we are asking those in unaffected areas who are willing to help to make an appointment to donate.

“We are calling on people of all blood types around the nation who can, and where it is safe for them to do so, to make an appointment to donate over the next few days,” Ms Stone, Executive Director of Donor Services, said.

One in three Australians are likely to require blood or a blood product in their lifetime, including cancer patients, pregnant women and even premature babies.

You can make an appointment online or by calling 13 14 95