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2,000 Blood donors needed to prevent Easter blood shortage

Tuesday 27th Mar 2018

The Blood Service is calling on 2,000 Australians to give blood this Easter long weekend to ensure there is enough blood to help treat cancer patients and stem bleeding in emergency trauma situations.

Despite many regular donors taking a well-earned break over Easter, the need for blood doesn’t stop, with more donors needed on Easter Monday and across the long weekend.

Of critical importance is a blood component called platelets.

“Platelets are the clotting agent of blood - vital in the treatment of many cancers and to combat life-threatening bleeding from road trauma and in other emergency situations,” Blood Service spokesperson Erin Lagoudakis said.

“Unfortunately platelets have a shelf-life of just five days which means we can’t stockpile them ahead of a long weekend and need continuous donations during this time to meet demand.

“One acute leukaemia patient alone can require blood products donated by 144 people throughout an average treatment cycle.

“While emergency trauma patients, including road accident victims, can use high volumes of blood quickly – anywhere from two to 50 or more units depending on their injuries.

“To ensure these patients have a fighting chance this Easter, we are asking those who can to give up an hour of their time this long weekend to donate blood.

Be life, the universe and everything to Australian patients this Easter. To make an appointment to give blood call 13 14 95 or book online.

Blood donors can also book and track their appointments online, view their health statistics and donation history, and much more.