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Filming or recording in our Donor Centres or Processing Centres


Our Donor Centres and Processing Centres are strictly controlled medical areas with biological and sharps hazards. We need to ensure anyone filming or recording in our facilities is safe and it respectful of the safety and privacy of our teams and our volunteer donors.

Any requests to film/record for any purpose must be made at least one week in advance (excluding media outlets) in writing or, by phone to the relevant Media and Communications Manager listed on this page.

Anyone filming or recording in our facilities must follow the direction of staff and not disrupt regular operating procedure.


  • Please get in touch with the relevant Media and Communications Manager for access.

Personal use

If you would like to take a photo or video of your own donation for personal use, please follow these guidelines in addition to the above:

  • Please respect our staff and other donors – they may not want to be filmed or have their photo taken. Unless you ask and they give express permission, please don’t take photos of them.
  • Please be safe while taking the photo – particularly if it is mid-donation! If you have a friend with you please make sure they are very careful too.
  • Please don’t film or take a photo while the needle is being inserted – some of our team members are camera-shy and this could make them very uncomfortable.

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