United we gave

Health Services Blood Drive

1 May - 31 July 

We did it, Teams!

This year, the Health Services Blood Drive looked a little different. Instead of competing against each other, Teams across the country united to give blood, plasma, and platelets — together.

Thank you to everyone who donated. You played no small part in what became a massive team effort.

Just how massive?

This year, Health Services Teams made 10,181 life-giving donations, making this this year by far the biggest and most successful in the history of this health services event.

Watch this video of Cath Stone, Executive Director of Donor Services, to see the incredible final results.

How did my team do?

It wasn’t technically a competition, but we know you love to see how your team stacks up. We’ve put all the results up here so you can see how your team played a part in this year’s totals. 

The need for blood never stops

It feels good to give, and your donation is worth celebrating. It’s also worth repeating. 

This year’s Blood Drive may be over, but the need for blood never stops. Keep up the great work by booking in your next donation. You can even encourage your teammates to do the same — consider it practice for next year! 

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