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Tips to help you relax

Donating at the Lifeblood is a great experience. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted and made to feel welcome. Everyone there appreciates the fact that you are sacrificing your time (not to mention donating some vital liquid!) and potentially saving lives. All in all, it's a wonderful experience.

- Evan, South Australia

Being scared of needles, or a bit grossed out by blood, doesn’t need to stop you from donating.

Our staff members are there the whole way to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

We also have lots of donors who were scared or nervous the first time they donated blood. You can try:

  • Bringing a friend for company and to distract you.
  • Not looking. Our donor centres have TVs to watch and friendly people to chat with instead.
  • Sharing on social media that you’re donating. All of our donor centres have free Wi-Fi to make it even easier to post and browse. See how many likes you can get!
  • Rewarding yourself after you donate. Whether it’s a guilt-free muffin or a special treat you’ve been looking forward to, it helps to concentrate on the reward.
  • Remembering that people who receive blood have needles too. Many of them are scared as well. Your donation could help them get through a tough time – or even save their lives.
  • The rewards are worth it. Your courage could change someone’s life!

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