Emergency services challenge

The Red25 Emergency Services Challenge 2018 has now wrapped.

Thank you to all of the generous people who gave blood during the challenge.

In 12 short weeks, personnel from Emergency Service organisations across the country gave a total of 10,656 donations, saving up to 31,968 lives!

The results show that a little healthy competition goes a long way.

On behalf of Australian patients, thank you!

For all participating Emergency Service organisations. View final tallies.

Award Winners

Highest number of donations made by a Red25 group in their state of origin

State Organisation Donations
VIC Victoria Policy 1,246
NSW NSW Policy Force 1,115
QLD QLD Police Service 674
SA South Australia Police (SAPOL) 574
WA St John Ambulance WA 299
TAS Tasmania Police 203
ACT Australian Federal Police (AFP) 194
NT NT Police Fire and Emergency Service (PFES) 89

Highest year on year growth

Organisation Percentage
NT Police Fire and Emergency Services (PFES) 225%

Highest number of donors vs Red25 members
(Must have a minimum of 20 members)

Organisation Percentage
NT Fire and Rescue 56.5%

Highest number of new donors
(Must have a minimum of 20 members)

Organisation New donors
Victoria Police 128


The challenge is over, but the need remains.

Although it’s fun to have a short competition, the need for blood is year-round. Register to your Red25 group and donate regularly. As a member, your donations will count towards your group’s annual tally year round.


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