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Your donation can save three lives

One in three of all the people you know – family, friends and workmates – will need a blood donation. Yours could be the one that saves their life.

Why not start today? The sooner you start, the more people you’ll help!

Jo's story

Jo owes his life to countless generous blood donors. After being diagnosed with bladder cancer at age two, he needed red cells, plasma and platelets to survive.

Daniel, Joanna and Josie's story

Like almost 17 per cent of Australia's mothers, Joanna needed anti-D injections, made from plasma, during her pregnancy.

Joanna and her family are especially grateful to Australia's amazing blood donors. Not only did Joanna receive anti-D while expecting baby Josie, her husband Daniel also needed blood treatments when he was a baby.

Mika's story

Mika needs Intragam, made from plasma, every few weeks for his blood disorder. He calls it his 'super powers' because after his treatment he's strong enough to walk.

Jacob's story

After a serious car accident, Jacob needed over 36 litres of blood to survive.

Now, he is alive and skydiving. As a way of saying 'thank you' to the donors who saved his life, Jacob is a dedicated blood donor.

Rosanne's story

Rosanne is in remission from leukaemia thanks to just a handful of special blood donors. Her rare blood type meant less than five donors in Australia could donate red cells and platelets to help save her life.

Rosanne is now a busy young woman who loves art and is studying photography.


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