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Other specialist teams

Clinical Services and Research


  • Expert clinical and scientific advice, education and research to promote safe transfusion practice
  • Clinical and pathology expertise
  • Health services to manage donor safety
  • Transfusion medicine support

Also creates and translates unique, world-class knowledge in blood transfusion-related medical research. The focus is on building relationships with current and future donors, maintaining the safety and quality of blood products, enhancing knowledge of transfusion and improving practice.

National Transplantation Services

Provides consultative support to hospital clinicians in partnership with pathologists and transfusion medicine specialists to deliver:

  • Transplantation compatibility testing
  • Immunogenetics testing
  • Granulocyte/platelet immunobiology services

Quality Services

Manages quality systems such as document control, change management, validation, process-related recalls and provide quality systems training.

Regulatory Affairs

Manages the relationship between the Lifeblood and the Therapeutic Goods Administration. This includes managing all manufacturing licences and obtaining regulatory approval for our manufacturing processes.

Organ, bone marrow and cord blood agencies

The Lifeblood also hosts a number of Commonwealth-funded agencies, including:

  • Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry
  • National Organ Matching System
  • Victorian Organ and Tissue Donation Agency
  • Rotary Western Australian Cord Blood Bank facility

Who we’re looking for

Dedicated medical, research and other professionals in the above areas. If you want to use your expertise to save lives, we want you.


Our specialist teams are based in locations around Australia, including our national office in Melbourne, Victoria and in our processing centres across Australia in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

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