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Thanks to donated plasma, Nikky can run again

Tuesday 10th Jul 2018

After being diagnosed with the incredibly rare Guillain Barré syndrome at Christmas six years ago, Nikky required treatment made from the plasma of over 1,000 donors. This donated plasma not only helped her run again, but it’s given her a whole new outlook on life. Here’s her story.

It all started rather innocently on Christmas Eve, “I put my hands under the tap and they felt, well… odd. I didn’t think too much about it, but over the next 24 hours, everything began to ache”. 

On the surface, Nikky’s symptoms started out like the flu, but underneath her skin something far more serious was unfolding. Her immune system was starting to attack her nervous system.

“Initially the hypothesis was Multiple sclerosis, but after a few more tests, my doctors were 99% sure that I had Guillain Barre Syndrome.”

Once diagnosed, Nikky’s doctors started her on one of the only treatments available – immunoglobulin, created from plasma. When she was told she’d be receiving donated plasma, Nikky was overcome with emotion. “I felt so guilty, I told them it should go to someone who was really sick, I didn’t realise that someone was me.” The treatment took five days to visibly work, and eight days later, Nikky was healthy enough to leave the hospital.

Nikky's story is a reminder that even though we'll never know if or when a loved one will need plasma, that donation will always mean the world to someone.

The need for plasma is real, and it’s easy to donate. Learn more about donating plasma.