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Have you ever wanted to get a group together to donate? Maybe you’re looking for ways to get your colleagues into donating? Whatever the reason, joining Lifeblood Teams is the perfect way to lift spirits and make you proud to be part of something bigger than yourself.

What is Lifeblood Teams?

Lifeblood Teams is our group blood donation program, and is a social responsibility program for workmates, friends, team mates and communities who want to make a difference. Lifeblood Teams helps to foster friendship, community and a little bit healthy competition too!

Your team can give blood all together or in smaller groups, and it’s easy to make and manage your bookings online. You’ll also have access to downloadable resources as well as help coordinating team donations.

How it works

  1. Nominate your Lifeblood Champion. They’ll be our go-to contact and the person in charge of organising donations, recruiting new members and spreading the word. 
  2. Register for self-service. This is where your team Champion can make and manage group donations in one convenient place.
  3. Register your Lifeblood Team. Your team Champion can do this online.
  4. Join your team so that all your donations count towards your team's tally.
  5. Lifeblood Champions can book team donations and invite other members to choose their appointment time.
  6. Whether team members donate all together, in small groups, or individually, all of their donations count towards your team’s tally. 

What could be better than donating together?! Join or register your Lifeblood team today!