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Easy habits you can pick up that are good for you and the world

Wednesday 13th Feb 2019

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed by attempts to make some drastic improvements in 2019, we’ve got the answer for you. These habits you can easily adopt, and they’ll not only benefit you but also have a positive impact on the community. What more could you want for 2019?!

Pre book your blood donation appointments

It can be hard to know what your plans are for the next weekend, let alone three months down the line. Plans change, life gets in the way and suddenly you haven’t been in to donate for six months! That’s ok, we get busy too! But did you know you can book all your appointments online? You can pre book your whole blood and plasma donations for the entire year, pop them in your calendar and voila! You’re organised and ready to go in only a couple of minutes. Every time you come in to donate, along with a little self-improvement you’re helping to improve the lives of patients and their families across the country who desperately rely on your generosity. 

Take 30 minutes a day to get some exercise

You don’t need to join a gym and start doing deadlifts to get your 30 minutes in every day. Any physical activity like a walk along the beach or a jog around the park is great for your physical and mental health. It will also be easier to get into the habit now before we head into winter. 

Use your reusable coffee cup (and don’t forget your green bags!)

If you’re not already on the reusable cup wagon you need to hitch your ride to it ASAP. It’s estimated that Australian’s are throwing 1 billion takeaway coffee cups into landfill. That’s a huge impact on our environment, so an easy switch is bringing your reusable cup every time you grab a coffee (this counts on those weekend trips to the café too). Forgot your cup and need to grab a takeaway? You can refuse the lid if you don’t need it, it will be one less piece of plastic in landfill!

While you’re at it, throw some green bags in the car and near your front door. You’ll pick up the habit in no time and never forget your bags at the supermarket again.