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5 Things To Do On Grand Final Day*

Wednesday 19th Sep 2018

*If you’re not a footy fan

Be a Bloody Legend

Get your weekend off to a flying start by donating blood. Because our regular donors often go away over long weekends (as it is in Victoria for the Grand Final), we have a lot of empty donor couches to fill. No matter where you are in Australia, there’s a need for new donors every weekend and Grand Final day is a time when saving lives can fall low on the priority list. 

Make your appointment before the game, or luxuriate in the peace and quiet by visiting us during the game. Snacks are on us! 

Get your Shopping Done

If you’re not a footy fan, Grand Final day can seem like a tediously long day in which all your mates are busy, but it’s all a matter of perspective. If you’ve never wandered the local shopping centre, Bunnings, your local Swedish furniture retailer, or main street of the CBD during an AFL grand final, you’re missing out. It’s all the things you enjoy about shopping, with at least half the crowds. 

Be a Hero on the Local Oval

Take your dog to the local dog park; he’ll undoubtedly have the run of the place, and you can sit and smugly relax on one of the several vacant park benches. 

Get Cultured

Art galleries and museums all over our country are likely preparing themselves for a slower than usual day over the Grand Final weekend. What better time to beat the lines and the crowds to see that exhibition you’ve been meaning to get to since June?

Take Yourself to Lunch

Your favourite café will undoubtedly welcome you with open arms for a long, lazy lunch while everyone else is crowded around flat screen TV’s somewhere, fighting over the last handful of chips in the bowl. Of course, that lunch will taste even better after you’ve donated blood and saved three lives, so make an appointment for this Grand Final day.