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Video Stories

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July 2011 TV Advert

The second TV commercial in our 2011-12 series was launched in July 2011. The commercial features Kevin and Raphael and was filmed on location in the Melbourne Botanic Gardens.

March 2011 TV advert

On 20 March we released our new Easter/ANZAC Day weekend campaign.

A Special Message from Sam Clark

Sam Clark sends a special message from London to our high school blood donors.

The Morning Show May 2010

Glenn Wheeler from The Morning Show talks about the importance of blood donation with Paul de Gelder, who needed blood after a shark attack in Sydney in 2009, and John Murray from the Blood Service.

Running on Blood

Glenn Orgias, the survivor of the Bondi Shark attack in February 2009 received around 150 blood donations worth of blood. Glenn wanted to give back to the community that saved his life and as a result the Running on Blood campaign was born.

In February 2010 Glenn Orgias and the Blood Service Donormobile hit Bondi beach for a successful day of collections as well as shooting a segment for Bondi Rescue which went to air in early April.

I Do Blood

Eighteen-year-old Brendan Watts tells us why it's cool to donate.

"It’s nice to actually do something with a bit of substance."

Keeping the Faith

Ramzi Elsayed talks about giving blood as a Muslim Australian.

"To save one life is to save all mankind."

Black Hawk Survivor

Bill Mark talks about surviving Australia’s worst military air disaster in peace time and how donors saved his life.

"If I didn't receive a blood transfusion I wouldn't be here to see my grandkids, it's as simple as that."

The Caldwell Family

Ashley, Stacey, Geoff and Leigh talk about the journey they have taken since Ashley was diagnosed with leukaemia.

"The first time I gave blood I walked out feeling like a hero."

Living a Dream

Leukaemia survivor Tali Dunnage-Burke says blood donors are the reason she is alive today.

"It makes you stop and realise what things are important in life and what aren't."

Radio Spot

Finalists in a radio competition to design an ad promoting blood donation show us how their entries will encourage others to roll up their sleeves.

"At our age we can't always give money, but we can help like this."

Texas Revisited - A Life Saved

Blood recipient Catherine Sattolo and donor Betty Cleeve talk about the night of Cathy's near fatal car crash and how the community rallied to donate blood and save her life.

"I'm so grateful for what people did."

Miracle Baby

Judith Jones gave birth to baby Noah after years of tragic miscarriages. It took 12 donors and countless transfusions to keep Noah alive in the womb.

"There was nothing else but donor blood that kept this baby alive."