1 in 3 Australians will need blood


The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is a division of the Australian Red Cross. We’re funded by the federal, state and territory governments of Australia to supply the community with safe, high quality blood and blood products, as well as organ and bone marrow services for transplantation. Learn more about our history.

Our important work is only possible through the incredible donations of over half a million unpaid voluntary donors.


We're in the business of saving lives

Manage the blood supply

Supplying blood safely to 23 million people across 7 million square kilometres is a huge medical and logistical exercise.

Bone marrow, organ and tissue donation

We contribute expertise, leadership and support for transplantations of bone marrow, organ and tissue donations.

Research and other clinical services

Including research into blood and transfusion, biological banking, registry and screening, clinical trials, manufacturing, and consulting.

Careers at the Blood Service




The Board plays a vital role in ensuring the governance of the Blood Service.



Each of our Executive team members leads a division within our business.


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Donor ServicesManages the collection of blood donations, relationships with donors, National marketing, contact centre operations and building community relations.FinanceManages organisational funding and provides financial information, advice and analysis to support effective decision-making and performance improvement.
Human ResourcesEnhances capability by improving organisational structures and work processes. Delivers mechanisms for attracting, developing and retaining skilled people to the business.Information & Communications TechnologyManages the hardware and software needed to efficiently run the Blood Service, including the National Blood Management System (NBMS) and the National Transplant Systems (NTS).
ManufacturingProcesses blood donations, ensuring they are tested and efficiently distributed to meet demand.Strategy and QualityResponisble for strategy development business planning and process improvement, performance analysis and reporting, internal communications and positive media promotion. The division is also responsible for the administration and continuous improvement of the quality management system and partnering with all divisions to ensure that we maintain the highest standard of manufacturing excellence and regulatory compliance. Also manages key external stakeholder relationships with the Therapuetic Goods Administration (TGA). National Blood Authority (NBA), international blood service partners and governments.
Clinical Services and ResearchSupports optimal, safe practices at every stage of the blood journey, from donation to transfusion. Provides clinical oversight of both donor and patient safely relating to blood and tissue products creates and translates unique, world-class knowledge in blood transfusion-related research.Corporate

Supports the Board, which has overall responsibility and oversight for the Blood Service. The Board is responsible for the organisation's efficient operation and takes the lead in setting the culture of operating in a responsible way within the community.

beyond blood

Our service goes beyond just blood. The Australian Red Cross Blood Service draws upon our core strengths of safety, quality, specialised expertise and national infrastructure to help enhance healthcare in Australia to deliver improved patient outcomes.

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Annual report

Each year the Australian Red Cross Blood Service lodges an annual report detailing the financial and performance information gathered over the financial year. These documents are part of the public record.

Blood Service Annual Report 2014 - 2015

Blood Service Annual Report 2013 - 2014

Blood Service Annual Report 2012-2013

Blood Service Annual Report 2011-2012

Strategic plan

At the leading edge outlines the key areas of future focus for the Blood Service and articulates what needs to be achieved to be at the top of our game.

Blood Service Strategic Plan 2014-2019 - At the leading edge

Business plan

The business plan for 2016-17 is in support of our five-year strategic plan, At the leading edge.

Business Plan 2016 - 2017

Business Plan 2015 - 2016

Business Plan 2014 - 2015

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You are able to book 3 or more days in advance.

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For information on current tenders and tenders are coming up please see the details below - suppliers are advised to monitor this page for updates.

Tenders are advertised in the Saturday Weekend Australian so please refer to the tender advertisement for registration details.

Please refer to the Quick Reference Guide for steps on how to access and use our online Tendering Tool via SmartSource.

For other queries, please see the Supplier FAQs.

NameDescriptionRelease dateRegistration closesTender closes
Automated Sample Storage and Retrieval Unit Request for Tender

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service wishes to advise suppliers of Laboratory Automation.

The Blood Service is seeking tender submissions from laboratory automation vendors for supply of Automated Sample Storage and Retrieval units to the Blood Service testing laboratories.

Interested parties please register here.

Please direct enquiries to NationalProcurementAUS@redcrossblood.org.au

Monday 19th September 2016 5.00pm Melbourne time, Friday 16th September 2016RFT Submission Closing date is 5.00pm Melbourne time, Friday 7th October, 2016