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How else can I help?

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If you are currently unable to give blood there are plenty of other ways you can help us

Ask friends and family to donate blood

Less than 3% of all Australians actually donate blood, whereas 1 in 3 of us will need blood or a blood treatment at some time during our lives.

Organise a group to donate blood

Why not coordinate a group donation for your business, local sporting or community service club? You can find all the details in our Club Red section, or you can call us on 13 14 95 to discuss group donation options.

Spread the word

If you are a social media user you can help spread the word on the importance of blood donation by following us on Facebook and Twitter or by posting an update to your profile.

Support Red Cross

As part of the world’s largest humanitarian organisation, you can support Red Cross in many ways- as a financial donor, volunteer, member or fundraiser. Find out more about how you can get involved.

Come back and see us soon

There are many factors that affect why you may be unable to give blood, many of which are temporary. Donors are always required to meet patients needs, so if your deferral is temporary we hope you'll come back and donate when your rain check period is over.