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  • Tamworth 2TM radio identity Wayne Forbes donated blood.

  • Tamworth 2TM radio identity Wayne Forbes donated blood.
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Tamworth 2TM radio identity Wayne Forbes will roll up his sleeves today in support of the Red Cross Blood Service Bleed-a-Thon – a campaign to boost donor numbers in Tamworth this month.

Tamworth is one of six New South Wales locations that needs extra appointments this November to help boost the state’s blood stocks.

At the halfway point Tamworth is still looking for an extra 200 blood donors this month to ensure there are enough supplies for patients in need.

With demand for blood and blood products set to double in the next decade, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service is encouraging more people to join the Bleed-a-Thon.

Blood Service spokesperson Sandee Thompson said Tamworth residents could still participate in the Bleed-a-Thon by making an appointment to give blood during November.

“With two weeks of the Bleed-a-Thon still to go, we are encouraging more people to make an appointment to give blood during November.

“Your donation may one day help a friend or family member battle cancer, save the life of their unborn baby, or recover from road trauma.

“One in three of us will need blood in our lifetime yet only one in 30 actually donates,” she said.

Mrs Thompson said most people could give blood as long as they were aged between 16 and 70 years and were fit and healthy.

“It only takes an hour of your time yet it could mean a lifetime to someone else.” she said.

Make an appointment online or call 13 14 95.

For images or further information please contact: Jemma Falkenmire 0418 454 983

Caption - Wayne Forbes, better known as Kramer, giving blood at Tamworth Blood Donor Centre in support of the Bleed A Thon.  Kramer hosts the "drive program" on 2TM every week day from 3pm - 6pm and will broadcast an interview with me, and his donation this Friday 16 November.