She Gives Birth, You Give Blood

Every blood donation saves three lives

As a medical practitioner you know the importance of regular blood donations. As well as providing life-saving transfusions, 1 in 7 expectant mothers will need an anti-D injection made from plasma donations. 

With your help we could save countless lives.

You can show your support for She Gives Birth, You Give Blood by becoming a Program Advocate.

We’ll send you posters and fliers to display in your office and distribute to expectant parents.

The Red Cross Lifeblood is launching an initiative to support pregnant women and their partners. She Gives Birth. You Give Blood is an education piece aimed at increasing awareness of the need for donated blood in many instances of pregnancy and childbirth by either mother or baby or both.”

Dr Marilla Druitt Obstetrician and Gynaecologist 

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