She Gives Birth, You Give Blood

While she brings a life into the world, you can save three

Every blood donation saves 3 lives, so when you donate blood, you’re not just supporting your partner; you’re also helping thousands of other Australian mothers and babies.

Blood donations can be life-saving during childbirth, with 19% of pregnancies needing a blood transfusion or blood products. There are also thousands of children born each year who will require regular blood donations.

From helpless to helpful

Giving blood is a simple and powerful way to show your support for your pregnant partner. It’s also something you can fit around your regular schedule so it won’t get in the way of your other commitments.

And, it will give you a clear role: your partner can’t give blood during her pregnancy, so this is something that only you can do.

Blood donation is an easy and meaningful way to help during pregnancy

You can donate blood every 3 months, or plasma as often as every 2 weeks, meaning you can make a donation at least 3 times during the pregnancy – once every trimester.

Read stories from expectant parents and the experiences of mothers who needed blood donations during childbirth.

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