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Research beyond blood

As part of the Business Plan of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, we have a strategic objective to make a greater contribution to the health sector, outside blood.

Our business plan includes the goal to establish a minimum of three sustainable new business lines by 2018/19 to maximise the impact of our infrastructure and skills.

These new business lines will be supported by research to ensure donor and product safety and maximise efficiency of the service delivery.

These initiatives include:

  • The establishment of a Human Milk Bank which will collect, screen, process and distribute donor human milk to infants at high risk of developing life-threatening conditions. We plan to open a Blood Service operated Human Milk Bank and conduct a three-year pilot with multiple hospital partners to test ‘proof of concept’ for the Blood Service entering this sector.
  • A joint Blood Service and Donor Tissue Bank of Victoria partnership will identify opportunities to expand the use of human tissue for the benefit of patients.

Further information on research in these areas will be posted as it becomes available.

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