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Dr Rebecca Griffiths

Photo of Lifeblood Senior Research Fellow Dr Rebecca Griffiths

Senior Research Fellow

Product Safety Research Group


Becky’s research focus at Lifeblood is understanding red cell biology in order to make new and improved red cell reagents and therapeutics for patients for whom accessing compatible blood is difficult. 
Becky has a PhD in Biochemistry from Bristol University, and was previously part of the NIHR Blood and Transplant research team in the UK developing the first in-man Clinical Trial of cultured red blood cells for transfusion.

Awards and leadership

  • Wellcome Trust Pathfinder Award, co-applicant, 2016
  • Race and Sanger Award, British Blood Transfusion Society, 2012
  • Young Scientist Award, British Blood Transfusion Society, 2002
  • Peer reviewer for Blood Journal


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