Dr Nicky Guerin

Dr Nicky Guerin

Research Fellow

Donor Health and Wellbeing 

Donor Behaviour

Nicky Guerin is a cognitive psychologist and health researcher with a focus on applied research in Australian communities. From work on memory and decision-making in legal settings, and behavioural research in cancer control, Nicky has recently turned her attention to blood donor recruitment and retention.

Nicky uses experiments, surveys, and interviews, to develop and evaluate ways to support people to make positive decisions about their own health and for healthy communities. She is currently looking at how people’s understandings of the health effects of donating affect their donation decisions, and how people feel about donating during the coronavirus pandemic.

Awards and Leadership

  • 2015 Australian Bicentennial Scholarship, Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, King's College London
  • 2011 The Australian Psychological Society Prize in Psychology



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