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Dr Kelly Winter

Dr Kelly Winter

Research Fellow

Product Development Research Group

Dr Kelly Winter is a Research Fellow working in the Product Development and Storage team within Research and Development at the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood. Since completing her PhD in 2009 her research has focused on improving blood processing and component quality. Some of her projects have included the effect of short term temperature excursions and on platelet quality, quality studies on underweight red cells, understanding the effects of gamma-irradiation of red cell concentrates and investigating the in vitro quality of red blood cells following pathogen inactivation.

Her recent research includes work in the Frozen Blood Programme comparing red cell additive solutions for the resuspension of deglycerolised red cells and optimisation of the deglycerolisation process to improve product quality.

Awards and Memberships

  • Harold Gunson Fellowship Award 2016
  • ANZSBT travel grant 2012
  • ANZSBT member


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