Dr Joanne Tan

Jo Tan

Research Fellow

Product Development Research Group

Microscope Research Fellow Associate, University of Sydney

Dr Joanne Tan is a Research Fellow in the Product Development and Storage research group. Her research projects are focused on examining the link between frequent whole blood donation, donor iron status and the red cell storage lesion; evaluating a novel anaerobic blood bag storage system for red cells; characterising the growth factor concentration in autologous serum eye drop product; and investigating the responder/non-responder profiles in anti-D donors following RhD-positive red blood cell immunisation.

She completed a PhD at the University of Sydney (Westmead Millennium Institute) in the area of molecular biology and infectious diseases, with a focus on human cytomegalovirus latent infection.

Awards and Leadership

  • Received the Young Investigator Award from the National Blood Authority at the Australian & New Zealand Society of Blood Transfusion (ANZSBT) Annual Scientific Meeting in 2017
  • Awarded an ANZSBT Research Fund Grant in 2014
  • Awarded an ANZSBT Travel Grant in 2013
  • Supervises and mentors junior research staff and students


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