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School donations

Can I donate blood?

If you are a secondary school student, you may be able to give blood if you:

If you are 16 or 17 and live in Queensland or Western Australia, you’ll need a completed Parental Consent Form before you can donate blood.

Youth Ambassador Program

Information for students, parents and teachers about our volunteer community service program for secondary students aged 16-18.

Student Resources

Want to learn more about blood or blood donation? See our info for students.

Working With Children Checks 

Current legislation does not require Blood Service staff to obtain Working With Children Checks for: 

  • Blood Service promotional visits to schools
  • Mobile donor centre visits to schools with Blood Service staff
  • Receiving school groups into blood donor centres
  • Blood Service staff driving children to and from donor centres

If your school would like to have a Working With Children Check undertaken, please have the principal email a request to

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