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Valley Sport Blood Rivals Competition

Will your sports club make the most blood donations in Shepparton this November?

Valley Sports is encouraging all Shepparton sports clubs to register their Red25 donation group and see who can save the most lives 1–30 November 2016. Since each donation saves up to three lives, every one adds up.

May the best team win!

What is Red25?

Red25 is the group blood donation program of the Red Cross Blood Service.

How to compete

  1. Register. Choose a Red25 coordinator for your group. They register a new Red25 donation group and rally the troops to donate.
  2. Join. People taking part need to book a blood donation appointment for 1–30 November online or by calling 13 14 95.
    They then join your Red25 group online using the Donor ID number they receive when they book their first donation.
  3. Donate. Once your members have joined the Red25 group, every time they give blood it automatically counts towards your group's tally.

You can also keep donating once the competition is over and every donation counts towards your group’s overall yearly tally. Every donation saves up to three lives, so everyone’s a winner.

Latest results

Group Competition donations Lives saved

Valley Sport


Shepparton Lawn Tennis


Katamatite Cricket Club


Results current as at XX Date

You can also request up-to-date tally results from your local Blood Service Community Relations Officer or by using the form here.

More information

Contact the Red25 team online or call 1300 886 524

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