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A donation more powerful than money

How workplace volunteering can boost your employee engagement and corporate social responsibility credibility

Studies in Australia and overseas repeatedly show that organised workplace volunteering boosts employee engagement and retention and improves your corporate social responsibility (CSR) image.

One low cost, time-efficient way for your organisation to reap the benefits of workplace volunteering is by joining Red25, the corporate blood donation program of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

Volunteering means engagement

According to Volunteering Victoria: The Business Case for Corporate Volunteering, employees who volunteer are more likely to “feel engaged, to desire to remain in the organisations for the rest of their career and be satisfied with almost every aspect of their jobs”. The same report showed that profitability and productivity went up in companies with a higher percentage of engaged employees.

A Commonwealth government survey also found that one in three people want to volunteer through their workplace. You can be the employer who gives them that opportunity.

Volunteering means competitive advantage

Along with the engagement of current employees, one recent study for NAB found that candidates are increasingly considering the CSR credentials of an employer before signing on. It discovered that some of Australia’s leading corporations are using corporate volunteering to gain a recruitment edge.

The study also found that CSR activity can help engage critical stakeholders, “produce positive business and social outcomes, and enhance the way the corporation is seen and patronised by consumers and customers”.

Choosing a volunteering program

So, once you’re on board with the benefits of corporate volunteering, how do you choose a suitable partner from the plethora of worthy causes available? You want something high profile, high reward, low or no cost and — most importantly — not time-consuming.

What program ticks all these boxes? Red25, Australia’s corporate blood donation program.

Why corporate blood donation?

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has been a long-term member of Red25. It now has around 2,800 members across the country, who together made over 3,600 life-saving blood donations in 2016.

Assistant Commissioner of the ATO, Adam Kendrick, is vocal about the benefits of Red25 for his staff members and organisation.

“Red25 can boost your organisation’s community dimension, introducing an outward focus that broadens perspectives, brings people together, and unites them towards a common goal for the common good,” he says.

“A program like Red25 contributes to a healthy corporate culture.”

Other Red25 member organisations as diverse as NAB, Woolworths and the Australian Defence Force have seen the benefits of partnering with us, some of which are:

  • Literally save lives
    One blood donation can save up to three lives. It’s a donation more powerful than money.
  • Low time commitments
    Unlike some volunteering activities that ask for days or weeks out of employee schedules, giving blood only takes about an hour. There are also no minimum time requirements— your employees decide when and how often they want to give.
    Red25 can organise free buses to bring your staff to and from local blood donation centres, or we may be able to bring our mobile centres right to your premises. You can offer employees paid or unpaid time to donate if you choose, or simply have them do it on their own time.
  • Easy set-up and coordination, with support all the way
    Dedicated Red25 staff will help your organisation set up and coordinate your blood donation group(s). We supply all promotional material and can visit your premises to do presentations, educate staff and run events.
    Once you’re up and running, volunteer Red25 Coordinators from your own organisation coordinate donations and blood drives — with help from us only a phone call away.
  • No cost
    It doesn’t cost your organisation anything to be part of Red25. We will never ask for money — all we want is blood!
  • Incredibly rewarding
    There’s nothing quite like the buzz your staff will get from knowing that they’ve just saved lives together. Our donors are some of the most engaged, happiest volunteers around, with a 92.6% satisfaction rating.

Unite to save lives

Over 110,000 people from nearly 7,000 Red25 groups gave over 320,000 blood donations in 2016. Together, they saved up to nearly 1 million lives. That’s an incredible difference made by ordinary people from organisations just like yours.

Low cost, high impact and incredibly rewarding — Red25 is a CSR program everyone at your organisation can be proud to be part of.


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