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Giving life is one of the most generous things you can do

Plasma's a part of your blood that can be used to treat 18 different medical conditions. From protecting people with brain and nerve diseases, to treating serious burns and cancer, it's really powerful.

When you’re a donor, you can give like life depends on it.

Or, maybe you’ve donated before. Then you already know how great giving life feels. Recapture that feeling by booking your next donation now

Why give plasma?

Each year demand for plasma goes up 11%, so it’s needed all the time. By donating plasma you’ll help more Aussies enjoy a better quality of life.

It's simple too. Just sit back and relax for 45 minutes on a comfy couch while you donate. You can read, catch up on TV, or just enjoy some well-deserved down time.

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Give like life depends on it. Give plasma.

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