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Donating blood is one of the most generous things you can do — and donating plasma is a real game changer.

Think all blood is red? Think blood donations are just for car accidents? Think again.

There’s so much more to what’s in your veins. Just over half of your blood is a yellow liquid called plasma, and it’s powerful.

Why give plasma?

Your plasma can be used to help people in 18 different life-giving ways. 

Medical treatments made from plasma help people with immune deficiencies and brain disorders. Plasma protects against tetanus, measles and hepatitis B. It’s used to treat serious burns, stop critical bleeding and during heart surgery. And much more.  

Giving it is simple too: a lot like giving blood. Just sit back and relax for 45 minutes on a comfy couch while you donate — and, enjoy a free snack and drink after. 

Given blood before?

Then you already know how great it feels to give. When you give plasma, you can help more people more often. Not only can plasma be used in 18 different ways, you can donate it as often as every two weeks. 

Go on. Change up your donation game and book a plasma donation now.

How to donate plasma

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  2. Book your plasma donation.
  3. Give life. Give plasma.
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