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Recent Postgraduate completions

Student name

Supervisors (Blood service supervisors are shown in bold)

Project title



Rhiannon McBean

Catherine Hyland, Robert Flower

An investigation into blood group genotype and phenotype: an evidence base for future strategies for donor and patient management. A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of The University of Sydney, Sydney Medical School, March 2015.

The University of Sydney, Sydney Medical School

PhD (Medicine) (2015)

Kathleen Chell

Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Gary Mortimer, Geoff Smith, Tanya Davison

The impact of private and public online donor appreciation on charitable behaviour.


PhD (2016)

Yu Ji

Helen Faddy, Catherine Hyland, Robert Flower

Genetic Factors Associated with Donation Career: Iron Metabolism and Storage.

The University of Queensland

Masters (2016)

Katrina Kildey

Melinda Dean, Robert Flower, Jonathan Harris

Investigation of blood physiology and hematological disease through analysis of mice with novel ENU-induced phenotypes.


PhD (2016)

Katrina Ki

Melinda Dean, Helen Faddy, Robert Flower

The role of Clec9A in transfusion related immune modulation.

The University of Queensland

PhD (2016)

Ashish Shrestha

Helen Faddy, Robert Flower

Evaluating the risks posed by emerging transfusion-transmitted infectious diseases to the safety of Australia’s blood supply.

The University of Queensland

PhD (2016)

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