Turn your plasma donation into a celebration

Giving life is one of the most generous things you can do and we want to celebrate it. 

Book your donation during our special plasma day and enjoy all the fun, festivities and snacks when you donate. Can’t make the day? Don’t worry, our centre team would love to see you during our regular centre hours next time you’re free.  

Plasma is a game changer

Plasma's a part of your blood that can be used in 18 life-giving ways. From protecting people with brain and nerve diseases, to treating serious burns and cancer, it's a game changer for so many life-threatening medical conditions. 

Each year demand for plasma goes up 11%, so we need new donors all the time. By donating plasma you’ll help more Aussies enjoy a better quality of life.

We can't wait to see you.

How to donate

  1. Just log in or register.
  2. Book your donation.
  3. Give life. Give plasma.
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