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Giving blood is one of the most generous things you can do for another person.

1 in 3 Canberrans will need blood or blood products (like plasma) at some point. One day someone you love might depend on it.

Not to brag, but we’ve got a lot to be proud of here in Canberra: we're the heart of change in Australia, our first rate universities ... and Civic Plasma Donor Centre, which is one of just two plasma-only donor centres in the southern hemisphere.

What's plasma?

Plasma is a part of your blood that can be used in 18 different ways. From protecting people with brain and nerve diseases, to treating serious burns and cancer, your plasma is really powerful.

Why plasma?

Every year, the need for plasma goes up. That's because doctors are getting better at finding the diseases we can treat with plasma, and Australians are living longer (so it's definitely a good thing!).

Giving plasma is easy, too. Just sit back and relax for 45 minutes on a comfy couch while you donate. You can read, catch up on TV, or just enjoy some 'me time'.

How to donate

  1. Just log in or register
  2. Book your plasma donation at Civic Donor Centre, or a blood donation at Garran Donor Centre
  3. Give life!

Canberra needs more plasma donors to support our local community. We can be Australia’s best donors - but we need your help.

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