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Last year in Australia, half a million volunteer blood donors gave over 1.5 million donations with Lifeblood.

Those big numbers are impressive. But, actually, it’s the little things that tell the true story of what blood donors mean to our country.

Little things, like being able to play footy with your mates. Like being able to drink a cuppa with your bestie. Like holding a new baby for the first time.

The little things that are actually everything. Because they make up life.

What does blood donation mean to you?

To celebrate our donors we’re collecting ‘Life Stories’ from around Australia. To join in, simply record a video of you answering the question:

What effect has blood donation had on your life, or the people in it, and what would you like to say to blood donors?

You don’t need to have received blood products or be a donor (or even know a donor) to thank them for being pretty marvellous. 1 in 3 people will need blood in their lives. Chances are, you know someone who has or will.

We’ll share the stories during National Blood Donor Week

This year, National Blood Donor Week starts on World Blood Donor Day, Sunday 14 June, and goes until Saturday 20 June. During the week we’ll share parts of the stories online and in the media to show all of Australia how incredible our donors are and how much they’re appreciated.

Why call them ‘Life Stories’?

It’s not because they need to cover everything in your life (we’d all be here forever…). It’s because giving blood is really giving life.

If you have a story of how blood donation or blood donors have been part of your life, this is your chance to tell it to our donors. Because they deserve to hear it.

How to join in

  1. Record a video of yourself answering the question ‘What effect has blood donation had on your life, or the people in it, and what would you like to say to blood donors?’
  2. Complete the form below, upload the video and press ‘Submit’
  3. Follow our Facebook or Instagram to see stories during National Blood Donor Week (14-20 June) and beyond. Yours might be featured!
  4. If you know a donor, or are a donor, give them a (virtual) pat on the back during the big week.
  5. Submit your video by Friday 29 May 2020.

Video requirements

So we can receive and use your video, please follow these instructions and make sure it is:

  • Recorded in landscape format (horizontal)
  • No longer than 3 minutes (180 seconds)
  • Up to 1000mb file size

Submit Your Life Story

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