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National Blood Donor Week 2019

9-15 June 2019

Our donors keep Australia going

The need for blood doesn’t stop. And neither have our donors.

In fact, every 25 seconds across Australia, a blood donor does something truly special — they save lives.

National Blood Donor Week is a celebration of our legendary donors — all half a million of them.

Jesse, Katiah-Ann and Sonny want to say thank you. Their immune disease means they need blood products every three weeks so that they can play basketball for their rep squads, go to school and just be kids. 

They’ll need these blood products for the rest of their lives. 

And you can help

Aussies generously gave over 1.5 million donations last year, but donated blood only lasts 42 days. So the need never stops.

Become a blood donor and help people like Jesse, Katiah-Ann and Sonny go on to become healthy adults.



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