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Lifeblood announces Milk Bank will provide milk to NSW premature babies

New South Wales’ most vulnerable babies will now have access to pasteurised donor breast milk through a new partnership between NSW Health and the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood
These babies face significant health challenges, and breast milk is the preferred choice of feeding to prevent health complications related to their early birth
A mother’s own milk may not always be available or limited, and not every Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has access to donated milk
New South Wales NICU hospitals will now be able to order milk “on demand” as they would with blood 

For more information about how the Milk Bank will work please visit 

Hi res images for download 

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General Milk Bank

Milk Bank 1   Milk Bank 2   Milk Bank 3

Milk during processing

Milk during processing   Milk during processing 2   Milk during processing 3    Milk during processing 4

Donor Questionnaire

Milk Bank questionnaire


Milk Bank donor 1    Milk Bank donor 2   

Videos for preview and download

NICU Babies


Interview with Dr Tim Schindler, neonatologist Royal Women’s Hospital for Women
Interview with NICU mum from Royal Women’s with surplus milk to donate

Behind the scenes of the Milk Bank facility

Time stamp

Activity happening

0 – 24sec

Staff returning from seeing a donor with their milk donation

28 – 39sec

Placing unpasteurised donor milk into the quarantine freezer

40sec – 4m 55sec

Unpasteurised donor milk is weighed and entered into the Milk Bank’s tracking system. A unique unit number is generated to label the unpasteurised donor milk

4m 56sec –  5m 11sec

Unpasteurised labelled milk is put into the quarantine freezer 

5m 12sec –  5m 42sec

Unpasteurised milk has been placed in bottles prior to pasteurisation

5m 43sec –  6m 07sec

Loaded baskets of unpasteurised milk are placed in the pasteuriser (5m56sec: a temperature probe is placed into the control bottle – this ensures the correct temperature is reached during the pasteurisation process.)

6m 08sec – 6m 32sec

General activity in the Milk Bank

6m 32sec –  8m 04sec

Staff are taking the thawed unpasteurised donor milk, and measuring it into bottles for pasteurisation. Milk is pasteurised in single donor batches. The tubing and sterile jug insert are all single use. Process is completed in a laminar flow cabined to reduce risk of contamination (best footage from 7m26sec)

8m 05sec – 8m 32sec

Pasteurised milk is placed in the micro-release freezer.

If you have issues with downloading video footage please contact us.

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