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Cannington donors to save 54,000 lives each year at new donor centre

Tuesday 22nd Nov 2016


Cannington blood donors will give 18,000 blood donations a year to help or save the lives of 54,000 Australian patients thanks to the city’s new, $2.4 million blood donor centre.

Those lives include seven-year-old Perth recipient Eva Renton who needs plasma products every week to fight an immune deficiency.

To date, Eva has already received close to 50 plasma-based treatments.

Eva will join Australian Red Cross Blood Service Chief Executive Shelly Park in officially opening the new centre in a special ceremony today.

Ms Park said the new centre would accommodate a growing number of blood donors in the area.

“Demand for blood has changed a lot since we first opened our old Cannington Donor Centre 17 years ago in 1999,” Ms Park said.

“Our new centre is three times bigger, which means it now has the space to continue to collect even more blood donations in the future.

“In our first year in our new facility we expect up to 12,000 litres of blood will be donated by our 5,500 loyal Cannington blood donors.

“We’d also like to invite more people to come and give blood at this amazing new facility – in doing so you can help to save lives like Eva’s.”

Ms Park said the new centre was just five minutes from the old site and located in a more visible, standalone building at 1296 Albany Highway, Cannington.

The new centre was funded with contributions from federal and state governments.

Important changes to the nation’s blood collection network are helping to create a more stable blood supply for the one in three Australians who will need donated blood or blood products in their lifetime.

To make an appointment to donate blood at the new Cannington Blood Donor Centre, or for more information visit or call 13 14 95.