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Blood on the battlefield: frontline research delivering cool solution to Aussie troops and beyond

Wednesday 17th Jan 2018


The Australian Red Cross Blood Service has been working with the Australian Defence to develop a supply of safe, high-quality frozen blood products to Aussie frontline troops

This ground-breaking research is now being tested to hopefully one day service Australia’s most remote patients, with Blood service researchers now working on several projects analyzing the effect cryopreservation may have on the quality of frozen blood products once thawed for civilian use.

Australia is the third least densely populated country in the world and the largest geographical area covered by any Blood Service, posing a challenge for supplies of platelets and rare blood types on the ground due to the tyranny of distance.

There are hundreds of remote communities in outback Australian that would benefit from the same technology being used by the ADF to treat wounded soldiers in the Middle East.

The Blood Service is currently testing the research developed in collaboration with Defence in cardiac patients in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

This feasibility trial aims to map the cost and clinical effectiveness of cryopreserved platelets for controlling post-surgical bleeding in cardiac patients, as well as the viability of thawing platelets in hospital blood-banks.

Recruitment was completed in 2017, and data will now be collated, analysed and published.