Welcome to Lifeblood Teams

Our group blood donation program is a social responsibility program for workmates, friends, team mates and communities who want to make a difference. It doesn’t matter if there are 5 of you, or 500 — nothing beats the feeling of saving lives together.

Join with one of Australia’s most trusted brands to give something truly special: life.

The benefits

Aside from knowing that each donation is genuinely life-saving? Lifeblood Teams is about friendship, community and a little competition.

It’s about lifting spirits and making you proud to be part of something bigger than yourself.

What's involved

Being part of Lifeblood Teams doesn’t have to change your day-to-day activities.

Your team can give blood all together or in smaller groups, and it’s easy to make and manage your bookings online. You’ll also have access to downloadable resources as well as help coordinating team donations.

Getting started

You’ll need to appoint someone special as your Lifeblood Team Champion.

We’ll provide all they need to book team donations, recruit members and spread the word about your team’s life-giving achievements.

Join Lifeblood Teams
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