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Jetts Fitness Blood Challenge

Get your blood pumping!

Did you know that in one hour you can save up to three lives? That's even more rewarding than a workout.

Give blood during the Red25 Jetts Fitness Blood Challenge WA and not only will you be saving lives, you'll be helping your club win the title of Jetts top blood donors.

When is the challenge?

1 March - 30 June

How do I get involved?

Red25 is the group donation arm of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. Simply join your club's Red25 group and donate to be part of the action. 

  1. Make a blood donation appointment for between 1 March - 30 June online or by calling 13 14 95
  2. Join your Jetts Club's Red25 group
  3. Give blood to have your donation automatically added to your club's tally.
  4. Track your club's results online during the challenge.

Make sure you encourage your workout mates, friends and family to get involved too! To arrange a group donation appointment, call 1300 886 524.


Download promotional posters, social media images and more.

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More information

Contact the Red25 team at or call 1300 886 524

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