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Health Services Challenge

Last year, during the Red25 Health Services Blood Challenge, people from hospitals and other health organisations across Australia made an amazing 4,943 blood donations!

We hope this year’s challenge will be even bigger!

As a Health services professional, you understand the difference blood makes to patients’ experiencing cancer, blood diseases, immune conditions, childbirth complications, burns, surgery and more.

Australia’s blood supply relies on voluntary blood donors, help ensure the supply never runs dry and join your organisations Red25 group, to help them prove they are the best blood donors in your state!

How to get involved

Simply join the Red Cross Blood Service’s group donation program, Red25, and donate during the challenge.

  1. Register for the self-service system, a secure convenient place where you can manage your details, group memberships and appointments.

Once registered

  1. To join or change your Red25 group: select the ‘Red25 group’ tab, search for the group you wish to join, select the group and click to submit.

  2. To make an appointment: select the ‘Appointment’ tab and follow the prompts through to making a donation appointment for between 1 July–30 September.

  3. Give blood to have your donation automatically added to your group’s tally.

  4. Track your group’s results online during the challenge, visit the challenge page.

Encourage your peers to get involved too! You can download posters, email templates, social media images and more, to help you get the word out.

To arrange a group donation appointment call 1300 886 524.


Inform and involve your colleagues with posters, social media images and more.

To download, click on the link or picture and select ‘Save as’ or ‘Download’ from your web browser menu.

Screensaver/Plasma Banner: 

Sized for multi-use and editable, to enable inclusion of information such as a Red25 group name, group donation details, or donor centre information.

Facebook Cover photo: 

Sized for use as a Facebook cover photo

Social Media tile: 

Sized for use across multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. It can also be used on intranet sites.

Intranet Banner:

Intranet banner thumbnail

For use on intranet sites (alternatively use the smaller, square, Social Media tile)



Poster A3 – Editable PDF: 

For print and display around campus, at reception desks, in cafeterias, lunchrooms, offices etc. Editable to enable inclusion of information such as a Red25 group name, group donation details, or donor centre information.

Poster A4 – Editable PDF: 

As above


To download email templates, please use Google Chrome.

  • Email template 1a. - Pre-Challenge email template for New Organisations

  • Email template 1b. Pre-Challenge email template for Returning Organisations


  • Email template 2. Challenge Launch Templates

Email template 2. Challenge Launch Templates

  • Email template 3. Mid-Challenge Update Template

Email template 3. Mid-Challenge Update Template

FileA3 poster overlay template: For printing text over professionally printed A3 Posters (supplied by your Blood Service Community Relations contact).

For more information, call 1300 886 524 or contact the Red25 team online.

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