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Financial Services Challenge

The inaugural Financial Services Blood Challenge has now finished. Thank you to all of the generous people who gave blood during the challenge. In just three months, banking institutions, financial service providers and accounting companies across the country gave a total of 5,799 donations, saving up to 17,397 lives!

Winners of the key categories are as follows:

  1. Highest Total Donations
    National Australia Bank (NAB), with a total of 981 donations, saving 2,943 lives!
  2. Highest Percentage of Donors vs Red25 Members
    Robertson Scannell, 86% of their Red25 members donated throughout the challenge.
  3. Highest Number of New Donors
    Commonwealth Bank, 106 of their employees donated for their first time during the challenge.

Congratulations to the Financial Services Blood Challenge winners!

Without your kind donations of blood, plasma and platelets, many patients affected by cancer, immune conditions, trauma and undergoing surgery, would not have the lifesaving blood they need.

Planning is already underway for  the 2018-19 challenge but the dates are yet to be confirmed.

Be sure to sign up to your Red25 group (if you aren’t already a member), to ensure you are included in the next challenge.

The challenge is over, but the need for blood is year-round

As a Red25 member, you can donate any time of the year and your donation will count towards your Red25 group’s annual tally. To make your next appointment, click here or call 13 14 95

On behalf of all those who your donations help, thank you!

Financial Services Blood Challenge - Top 10 Red25 groups

  Red25 Group Donations Lives Saved
1 National Australia Bank (NAB) 981 2943
2 Commonwealth Bank 683 2049
3 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank 548 1644
4 Westpac 443 1329
5 ANZ 438 1314
6 Deloitte 231 693
7 PwC 187 561
8 Suncorp 179 537
9 AMP 175 525
10 Bankwest 168 504
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