Hepatitis – I had hepatitis. Can I donate?

It depends on the type of hepatitis you had.

Hepatitis A and B

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver caused by infection (like the hepatitis A or B viruses) or an unknown cause. You need to wait at least 12 months after you’ve made a full recovery before you donate blood. When you come in, make sure you notify the interviewer so they can request some extra tests on your donation to be safe.

Hepatitis C

If you currently have or have ever had hepatitis C, you are not eligible to donate even if you completed successful treatment. 

One of the screening tests for hepatitis C tests for the hepatitis C antibody, which usually remains positive for life. Donations can’t be used if they test positive to any screening test for an infectious disease.

Don’t be disappointed, though, because there are other ways you can help.


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