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Councils blood challenge

Councils and directorates across Australia are again competing to give the most blood donations during the Red25 Councils Blood Challenge 2018.

Blood donations like yours help people with cancer, immune diseases, childbirth complications, burns and many other serious medical conditions.

Rise to the challenge. Join in to save lives in your community!

How to get involved

Simply join the Blood Service’s group donation program, Red25 and donate during the challenge.

  1. Register and make a blood donation appointment for 1 July–30 September online where you can also join your Red25 group to make sure your donation counts towards your council or directorate tally. Alternatively call 13 14 95. 
  2. Give blood!
  3. Track the results online during the challenge.

Encourage your workmates to get involved too! Use posters, social media images and more, available for download (to coordinators of a Red25 group) to get the word out. To arrange a group donation appointment for your colleagues, call 1300 886 524.

More information

Contact the Red25 team via the contact us tab or call 1300 886 524.

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