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Celebrating bloody legends

National Blood Donor Week 11–17 June

During National Blood Donor Week 2017, we’re celebrating Australia’s true ‘bloody legends’: blood donors.

Australia has nearly half a million generous volunteer blood donors. Last year, they gave an incredible 1.3 million donations. As each donation has the potential to save three lives, that’s up to 4 million lives saved.

Thank you for your gift.

You’ve changed the lives of people like Emily, who needed blood after giving birth to both of her daughters.

Status: legendary

Australia needs more bloody legends! There’s no better time to encourage your friends and family to give donating blood a go than during National Blood Donor Week.

Simply download and share one of the images below on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to make your status legendary.

To download an image, click on the picture and select ‘Save as’ or ‘Download’ from your web browser menu.

National Blood Donor Week social post 1  National Blood Donor Week social post 2  National Blood Donor Week social post 3

Organisations and groups

See our Red25 materials page for materials to help you raise awareness of National Blood Donor Week.

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