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Learn and grow

Developing your career

We understand that everyone has different skills and aspirations. The Lifeblood offers you a range of flexible, self-paced career development tools and opportunities, including:

  • Online career development tool
  • On-the-job development
  • Collaborative learning opportunities
  • Leadership development programs for current and aspiring managers
  • External courses and seminars
  • Internal and online training
  • Workplace skills coaching

Performance feedback and development

We believe it’s important that everyone knows what’s expected of them and how they can develop in their role. Our performance development framework helps you plan for the year ahead and seek regular feedback from your manager. At the Lifeblood, your performance will be rated not just on what you achieved, but how you achieved it.

Mandatory training

When you join our team, your manager will discuss any job-specific training you require, whether it’s technical, safety, quality, occupational health and other compliance training, and guide you through completing it.


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