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Blood battle

22 MAY–30 JUNE 2017

Dylan, Hayley and the Blood Service are teaming up on a mission to save lives.

25,000 blood donations are needed each week to meet the needs of patients, more than half of which are given by women! This is why we’re on the lookout together for new blood donors to lend a helping hand – it’s a Blood Battle!

If you’re a bloke, you’re Team Dylan. If you’re a woman, you’re Team Hayley. We’re looking to shake things up and see if men might be able to beat the women (and save lives in the process)!

How to get involved

  1. Register to Team Dylan or Team Hayley online.
  2. Book a blood donation appointment for between 22 May–30 June 2017 online or by calling 13 14 95.
  3. Give blood to have your donation automatically added to your team’s tally.
  4. Track the battle online.


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