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Why YOU want O-Neg Stocks to stay steady

Thursday 12th Jul 2018

O-Negative blood is a bit magic. It's the universal blood type, which means anyone can receive it, no matter what their blood type. 

For that reason, it makes up about 19% of all the blood we collect, because hospitals like to keep it on hand for emergency situations, when there’s not enough time to test someone’s blood type before giving them a life-saving transfusion. 

Even though it accounts for a huge portion of our required stocks , just 9% of the population actually have this precious blood type. 

We work with our existing donors to ensure there is always enough O-Neg blood on hand for patients across the country, this means tracking and forecasting appointments and blood demand on a daily basis. 

Each week we know that many of our regular donors will be unable to attend their appointments thanks to various illnesses, and this can have a dramatic impact on that precious O-Neg supply. 

To bolster the total O-Neg panel, we need 4,500 new O-Neg donors. You not only become a super hero to us here at the Lifeblood, but you save up to 3 lives with every blood donation. 

You never know when you or a loved one might need O-Neg blood, so you never know who you might be donating for when you make an appointment with us. 

If you don’t know your blood type, now’s the time to find out. If you are already a donor, bring along a mate to see if they’re one of the precious 9%! And if you’re an O-Neg who’s yet to donate, we’re very keen to meet you. 

Australia needs more negativity, so help us ensure our hospitals have enough O-Neg in their fridge by making an appointment today.