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Why Australia Needs More Plasma Donors

No doubt you’ve heard of donating blood, but if this is the first you’re hearing of donating plasma, it perfectly highlights one of the reasons we’re currently working to recruit more plasma donors.

Plasma is the liquid portion of your blood, it makes up approximately 55% of your total blood volume, and we want you to donate some of it, so it can be turned into one of 18 vital medical treatments.

The demand in Australia for some of these treatments is increasing by 11 percent each year

In fact, plasma is set to become Australia’s most-needed blood component in the coming few years, partly because of continuous improvements in the detection of some conditions plasma is used to treat. We are always recruiting new donors, but the demand for some plasma treatments has outpaced our ability to meet this demand.

Plasma and its many treatments are used to treat shock and burns, fight infectious diseases, prevent blood clots, and stop critical bleeding – often in emergency situations. Some of the plasma we collect is frozen for use in hospitals, but the majority is used to make plasma treatments.

One donation of plasma can go toward several different treatments

Including cancer treatment, boosting the immune system in sick patients, treating severe burns and to treat clotting problems for liver transplant patients.

One treatment – intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) – has experienced such rapid demand growth that Australia needs to import some IVIg treatments from overseas to address the supply shortfall.

No matter where your plasma goes, you can be assured you are always saving lives.  A plasma donation is time well spent: you’ll get time to yourself while donating, you’ll be giving Australian patients what they need, and you’ll feel good afterwards.

If you’d like to donate plasma, make an appointment today.