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Ultimate hacks for having the best donation experience

Whether you’re a new donor or hitting your 100th milestone with us, these top tips are a great reminder on how you can stay safe and have the best donation experience – all while saving lives!

Water, water everywhere – have a drop to drink!

Your blood volume goes down a little when you donate. It’s important to be well hydrated so that you can feel good after donating.

Image of two Lifeblood water bottles on white background

On the day before your donation, we recommend:

  • 10 glasses of fluid if you are a man
  •  8 glasses of fluid if you are a woman

In the three hours before you donate, drink three good-sized glasses of water (that’s 750 mL).

Squeeze please

Doing these muscle exercises on the couch before, during or after your donation is one of the best ways to stay safe and comfortable when you donate.


A salty snack is the ultimate donor hack 

Increasing your salt intake will help you restore your blood volume more rapidly after you donate. You lose about three grams of salt with each donation, so this is your chance to eat something salty, like chips or pretzels (and you deserve a treat for being a lifesaver!).